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Poker Heaven is a great new site - It really seems to have got everything you want in a site. The graphics are spot on, the lobby info is good & the speed and multi-tabling are excellent. This is an extremely loose site full of weak casino & sportsbook players - The site is up there with Pacific poker & Party in terms of fish ... Without having the compromise of playing average software to catch the fish. Player volume may not be up with Party etc but there are more than enough games at all stacks and very juicy ones at that. An added bonus for all you wanna be poker pro's and celebrity wannabee's is that they are also the only room in the world where you can play in online games that are broadcast on live television throughout the UK. PokerHeaven is showing very strong growth in the UK & Europe so an ideal place for players to find juicy games in Euro time zone.

PokerHeaven has changed their base currency from US dollars to Euros which is great for European players familar with using the Euro.

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