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With your first deposit at Tila Poker, you stand to receive a 100% bonus or up to a generous $600 into your poker account.

Players earn Tequila Shots (Tila Poker points) in both ring games and tournaments where the hand is raked.


Make an additional deposit into your Tila Poker account within the month and receive a 50% Reload Bonus or up to $100!


Best Hand of the Day Bonus

In any Texas Hold’em, non-tournament Real Money game, when a player wins with the best hand of the day (higher than KKKK), the player stands to win the Best Hand Bonus of $100.

Bad Beat Bonus

In any Texas Hold’em Real Money game, you can receive a bad beat bonus of $150 if your top-ranked hand gets beaten by a hand better than 4 Jacks in a showdown. About Tila :

Tila Tequila Nguyen, who dubs herself the baddest b**ch on the block, gained popularity and notoriety for her edgy, do-it-yourself, and forever-a-punk-and-rebel attitude on the internet, particularly on MySpace where she reigns as queen of the popular social-networking site. She is also a fast rising celebrity in the entertainment, music and fashion industries.


Both Tila Casino and Tila Poker websites have been revamped to increase conversions, be more user friendly, and also become more visually attractive to visitors and regulars alike. The new layout also does wonders for gamers and visitors because of easier navigation and better organization on the sites.

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