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Duplicate Poker Inc. creates fun and secure online and offline skill-based poker games.


We've taken the principles of Duplicate Bridge and applied them to Texas Hold'Em, which we call "Duplicate Poker". By increasing the element of skill and decreasing the element of chance Duplicate Poker is a form of playing poker which is predominately skill-based. As a "Games of Skill", it is legal in most U.S. jurisdictions. This is not a gambling website.

Our U.S. Customers are able to use standard forms of payment such as credit cards to make account deposits.

The company's shareholders are well-respected individuals in their respective industries. The assembled talents of the Duplicate Poker Team have developed a new way of playing online poker that raises the image of the game to a new level of respect in the gaming community. We are proud to be a part of this unique enterprise that converts poker to a challenging sport, while providing financial rewards to its players.

Duplicate Poker was established in 2004 as a privately held Delaware company. Our headquarters are in NYC, with satellite offices in LA and in Tel Aviv, Israel.


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