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Betfair Poker is the poker site of one of the worlds largest online sports betting exchange of the same name. The poker site has been functioning since 2004 and the traffic has been increasing everyday. This poker room shares player base with other poker rooms using Cryptologic network.

US players cannot play at Betfair Poker. This poker site supports 2,400-2,700 ring game players and 1,800-2,000 tournament players at peak hours playing with real money according to March 2006 statistics.

Games Offered

Games include poker games of Omaha, Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Seven Card Stud. House limits and rake are similar to those in the gaming industry. You can play high limit tables with 100/200 in your suitable currency. Smallest stakes for fixed limit games is $1/$2 games and pot-limit and no-limit games have the lowest stakes of $0.50/$1

Deposit and Withdrawal options

You can deposit through your Credit Cards or Debit Cards, Cheques, Neteller, Western Union, Bank Draft, Delta, Solo, Switch, Maestro or Wire Transfer. You can play your games in Euros, Dollars, or Sterling. You need a specific PIN code to withdraw your money through the same options. You receive this PIN through mail after payment of your first deposit.


Cryptologic network software powers all games at Betfair Poker. As this is among the best software with excellent networking facilities, you can enjoy uninterrupted games at Betfair Poker. Some of the features of this software include hand history, note taking, exchange accounts, and others. Hand history lets you know your game skills in your past games and helps you improve on your mistakes. Note taking helps you keep track of all the players by keeping notes about their game play and other tactics for future reference.

Bonuses & Promotions

Betfair Poker helps you save money through Betfair Exchange. You can play ring games at the site and earn commission points. These points reduce your commission charges at their sports betting.

You can win around £300 if you receive a Royal Flush. You receive this bonus irrespective of how many players win it in a day. You should play real money games. You should play the game independently without revealing your hands to any other player. You must use at least two down cards in a game of 7-card stud. However, poker tournaments do not feature in this.

There are many loose and easy games on Betfair Poker. You can therefore take advantage of such games to win at Betfair Poker. Betfair Poker offers an open program. You receive $10-$20 per hour for playing in new and shorthanded games.


Competition levels at Betfair Poker are lower. Since Betfair Poker supports Cryptologic network, there are many sub-sites and sports books with the main site. Therefore, you can come across players with less or no experience. Flop percentages are in the fifties and sixties.

Customer Support

You receive excellent customer support from their personnel all twenty-four hours of the day through telephone and e-mail. Although the staff is knowledgeable, efficiency is lacking.

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