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All Sit & Go tournaments are available 24 hours a day. Sit & Go tournaments have a fixed pool of prizes (the number of participants is known in advance). With the first start of the tournament, while the second starts the tournament. You can participate in several tournaments at once, or unsubscribe from any of the tournaments, if all sites are not yet occupied.

Double or Nothing
Double or Nothing is a new type of Sit & Go tournament, which returned to the double fee. To do so, simply find itself among the top 5 players (in the case of shorthanded 3)! Offered are a lot of buy-in fees from $ 1 +0.10 at $ 500 +25, of which each is certainly appropriate for their abilities.

Mad Tilt
Have you heard of MAD Tilt? This is a tournament where you can get rid of excess energy. You get 100 chips and begin blindy longer than 10-20! Ten prizes! Good luck!

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